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Oxide coating

Various oxides have been deposited by using the atmospheric CVD equipment.

Oxide coatings

Y2O3 (yttrium oxide, yttria)

 Our yttria coating is superior plasma-resistive and dense. With doping of Eu, Tb, and so on, the yttria coating can be utilized as a superior plasma-resistive phosphor.

Y2O3:Eu (red phosphor)
Y2O3:Tb (green phosphor))

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(Left: Y2O3:Eu)

ZnO (zinc oxide)

 ZnO with a dope of Al has received considerable attention for a substitute for ITO currently used as transparent electroconductive material.
 Our atmospheric CVD equipment enables to prepare both the aggregation of well-ordered ZnO whiskers and ZnO:Al film.
(Left: ZnO Whisker)

TiO2 (titanium dioxide, titania)

 TiO2 is well-known as the photocatalytic material. Our TiO2 Nanomesh has the large surface area giving in favor of the photocatalytic activity,
* Nanomesh structure
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