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CVD Yttria coating

Corrosive halogen gas has widely used in such dry etching and plasma CVD processes of semiconductor manufacturing, so that surface of chambers requires good plasma resistance. The use of the plasma resistive wall makes it possible to avoid the generation of particles by restraining the corrosion. Tokita CVD systems offers the yttria (Y2O3) film receiving considerable attention as the superior resistive wall.

Prospective application: Surface coating for focus rings and windows in the reactive plasmas utilized in dry etching, ashing, and CVD.


High density, being characteristic of the films prepared by the CVD method.

pointSuperior Halogen resistance

pointHigh grede in purity

pointExcellent performance of step coverage

SEM micrograph of the cross section of Y2O3 film

Yttria coating on quartz glass and Si.

Plasma Resistance Evaluation

After exposure of plasma
Left: yttria coating on quartz glass
Right: quartz glass.
The transparency of the quartz glass is significantly degraded by Halogen plasma.

The etching rate is only ∼1/10 of that for sapphire; moreover, ∼1/100 of that for quartz glass

  etching rate
CVD Yttria SHILD-C2 1nm/min
sapphire 10nm/min
quartz glass 100nm/min
* Conditions: Corrosive gas; C4F8 + O2, RF power =1.5 kW
 Etching rate was evaluated by employing the surface profiler or the ellipsometer.

Technical DATA

|| CVD Yttria film_Impurity DATA
|| CVD Yttria film_Physical property DATA
|| CVD Yttria film_Peel strength  DATA

CVD Yttria coating  SHILD-C2 (PDF:640KB)

Size and shape

Ring, plate and pipe substrates are available.

Maxmum size >> diamater : Ø500 mm for disk. Height : 200mm.

* The stepped structure is applicable, if curvature, R, is suitable.
For the coating of the stepped terraces or the side surface, please contact us.
The applicable number of the sample is not limited.
Maximum size is Ø500 mm for disk.
The price depends upon the feature size and the materials.
The delivery date will depend upon the feature size and the materials.
For more information, please contact us.