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Atmospheric CVD apparatus

Atmospheric CVD apparatus requires no vacuum apparatus. This apparatus can synthesize various high-quality coatings such as transparent conductive ZnO, plasma resistive Y2O3 and photocatalytic TiO2 films.
Optional swinging module: the film thickness uniformity is improved.

Product |Atomspheric CVD system (PDF : 573KB)


Power supply AC 200V (single phase)
Size 1024 mm (W) × 738 mm (D) × 1825 mm (H)
Heating substrate stage Maximum 700°C, 110 x 100 mm
Heating temperature 350 ∼ 650°C *1
Effective deposition area 25 x 25mm
Film thickness uniformity ≤±10%
Vaporizer 1 unit (standard), 2 or 3 units (optional) *2
Heating stage SUS316L
*1 The temperature is subject to change with materials and customer's requirements.
*2 The maximum temperature of the vaporizer(200 or 300°C) is optionally selected.
Left : two vaporizer unit

The multiple vaporizer system makes it possible to
prepare various composite films.
e.g., ZnO:Al, Y2O3:Eu

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